Drone Info

La Cholla Airpark requests you use the AirMap app to notify the Airpark of UAS operation within 5 miles of the Airpark.

In Section 336 of the Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines a “special rule for model aircraft,” which mandates that drones under 55 lbs must operate “in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines” and “when flown within 5 miles of an airport, the operator of the aircraft provides the airport operator and the airport air traffic control tower (when an air traffic facility is located at the airport) with prior notice of the operation.” The FAA also requires registration by recreational UAS operators.

In other words, if you intend to operate your drone recreationally and you’re located within 5 miles of any airport, big or small, you have a legal obligation to tell the airport about it.

Thanks to AirMap, giving notice is simple. Here’s how:

1.  Download AirMap for Drone Operators from the App Store. If you’re flying an AirMap-integrated drone, you may skip this step.