Hangar Rentals

The LaCholla Airpark has several metal Hangars and Shade Ports that can be rented by Associates.

If you are interested in renting a Hangar or Shade Port, contact the LaCholla Office at (520) 297-8096.

If space is readily available, you will be informed.  Or, you’ll be placed on a Wait List.

Check the Wait List for current availability:      57AZ Hangar-Shade Wait List

Hangars and Shade Ports at 57AZ are located across the Ramp near Transient Parking.

Facilities are rented with a month-to-month agreement, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If a Hangar or Shade Port becomes available and you are contacted, you must agree to rent the structure.
If you choose not to rent the structure at the time and you still want to be on the Wait List,
you will be re-added to the bottom of the Wait List.

Hangars and Shade Ports cannot be sublet to other individuals.

All Renters are required to pay a fee and become an Associate of LaCholla Airpark.
All Active Pilots must maintain current Aviation Insurance.
LaCholla Airpark requires all Associates to provide a copy of their current insurance document.


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