PPR – Prior Permission Request


Completion of the PPR Form and APPROVAL is required BEFORE LANDING at 57AZ.

Print and display TRANSIENT PPR APPROVAL form on your glare-shield.  Approval form will be emailed to you. Failure to comply voids a PPR approval.

PPR forms MUST be submitted at least 48 hours prior to planned arrival. Forms received less than 48 hours before arrival may not be approved. Approvals must be received prior to landing. Transient pilots landing without an approved PPR are subject to trespassing charges.


NOTAM – La Cholla TAXIWAY CLOSED. Use runway for taxi. Announce your intentions.


By checking the INSURANCE VERIFICATION box in the form below, you acknowledge and agree that you have obtained and will maintain at all times that you operate an aircraft at La Cholla Airpark, a policy of liability insurance, covering your use thereof against claims for personal injury, bodily injury or death, and property damage occurring upon, in or about La Cholla Airpark property and all other property privately owned by the shareholders of La Cholla Airpark, Inc., with such insurance to be written on an occurrence basis (not a claims made basis), to be in combined single limits amount not less than $1,000,000, to have general aggregate limits of not less than $1,000,000 and $1,000,000 as to property damage for each policy year.”

Jet operations by transient pilots are prohibited. (TurboProps OK)

FAR Part 135 operations are prohibited.

All transient aircraft pilots MUST complete this form to receive permission to land at La Cholla Airpark. (57AZ)

Ramp Fee schedule: $10 per night for a Piston-Single, $15 per night for a Piston-Twin, $20 per night for a-Turbo Prop, $25 per night for a Jet (up to 15 nights).

FUEL  – Our new above-ground tank and 100LL fueling system is now operational.

Self-serve with MC or Visa credit cards. Price will be listed on the credit card reader.

Transient Parking – Transient aircraft must be parked in designated tie-down locations. Failure to comply voids a PPR approval unless a specific waiver is requested and approved in advance. A map of transient tie-down locations will be included with a PPR approval notification.

Prior Permission Request (PPR)

Required for transient aircraft to complete before landing at La Cholla

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